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Events Approval Form

The Events Approval Team (EAT) is a group of students, teachers and administrators that come together to review proposed events and initiatives from various groups on campus, including service groups, Student Council, CAS-affiliated groups, and individual projects. It also aims to be a source of support and consultancy for the events themselves. The members of our group are individuals who are intricately involved with and lead service initiatives. EAT holds the responsibility of approving all event applications for the successful delivery of your events that aim to create a difference.

The Events Approval Team aims to help event organizers at NIST by ensuring that the right steps are taken in planning an event. Our team is enthusiastic about seeing diverse, meaningful and creative events at NIST. We are committed to providing helpful advice to aid the success of your event. We encourage you to initiate your thinking process through the “Golden Circle” that provides structure and coherence to carry out your event:


The application process is divided into simple steps for effective action planning:

Each submitted event is assigned a student member of EAT who is your main contact person. Your mentor’s key job is to guide you through the event planning process and liaise with EAT. He/she may also set up a meeting to discuss your application, if required.

Connecting organizers with facilities within the school, EAT enables initiatives of any purpose to be successfully run, whilst streamlining the approval process within the community.


Tools and Resources

EAT has a range of information available for what you may require to execute your event. These include contacts with but not limited to:

  • Properties department
  • NIST Development Bank
  • Communications Department
  • Specific academic departments ex. PE, Science, Math etc. departments
  • Booking venues ex. Theatre, Oval
  • NIST X to organize a trip


Event Approval Application Assistance

The student and teacher team are available to support you whilst planning your event through logistical details, creative ideas and contacts you may require.


Approval from Secondary office/Admin

Since the secondary leadership team is part of our team, your event is automatically approved and reviewed by them. This means any promotional posters can be stamped and put up.