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FairNIST is non-profit student-led social enterprise that works in the spirit of fair trade to support the community of Maeramit, Omgoi, Thailand. Proceeds of our coffee fund NIST’s 2Develop initiatives, as well as coffee farmer projects including training, building a drying facility, research and development.
We also strive to promote the sale of our coffee at other international school’s in an effort to come together as a greater international school community that is working towards collective positive change.

Our Profile

The coffee farmers of Maeremit, Omgoi make as little as THB 15 a kilo for their hard work. Moreover, it takes five years to grow coffee plants to maturity before they see results. Due to the fact that the farmers are not skilled in the art of growing coffee, they grow varieties  that require little effort, but bring far less return than higher quality coffee. Furthermore, as the farmers are unable to process coffee and produce only coffee cherries, they receive a fraction of the retail price (1-2%) of  roasted coffee, and an even smaller percentage of your venti latte.

FairNIST Coffee Co., established in 2014, looks to reverse this trend and to ensure that the coffee farmers and their community see the benefits of their efforts. FairNIST funds training programmes to support higher quality yields and help develop Maerimit’s ability to process their coffee. Additionally, we collaborate with the regional Royal Project piloting higher quality/priced varieties that will hopefully bring much higher returns in the long term, allowing Omgoi to make good on the high quality coffee shortage the world is now faced with.  Additionally, all proceeds support the 2Develop Maeramit Development Goals, including the improvement of water, sanitation and education, and their accompanying projects.

Which UN Sustainable Development Goals Do We Support?

To provide a clear context for the aims of service groups at NIST, we align our projects to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The SDGs work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to make the right choices now to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations.” This NIST group supports the following goals:

Key Contacts & Experts

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Kusuma G.

Kusuma G.

Student Leader

Jessy M.

Jessy M.

Student Leader

John G.

John G.

Teacher Mentor

Sustainability & Transparency

All NIST service groups are held to our community’s high standards and values: integrity, caring, community and growth.

Coffee Sales (THB)

Expense Ratio: about 50%


Our long term goal is to bring sustainability into the communities we work with, to make them independent and eventually grow coffee as a means of increasing their income and achieving a better standard of living in the long run.


Expenses Breakdown

95% of all funds and resources raised have been directly funneled to the beneficiary communities.

Vichai, Coffee farmer in Maeramit, Omgoi

Our initiatives so far have helped make Maeramit a much safer and sustainable community for the farmers and their families. The sanitation, the water tank, etc have been our development projects that we worked on which improved their standard of living to a greater extent as well as sustenance in such a rural area. Furthermore, recently we have tried to help the people of Maeramit by attacking one of the roots of their troubles. We have spoken with the farmers of Maeramit, and conducted needs analyses, finding out just where their problems rise. Thus we have been working on helping improve their incomes, pushing them towards growing more and better coffee, with help from experienced farmers whom we already work with, and empowering them to process it themselves with a processing facility being built in Maeramit; giving them more control over their coffee. With this we will be able to buy our coffee directly from Maeramit, while also improving the Maeramit farmers’ incomes by a maximum of 1000%.

NIST Accounting Team: Anish Y12, Alexander Y10, Arisht Y10,

The experience of being part of a student run social enterprise is a learning experience all together. Being involved at FairNIST would mean commitment and continuous participation seeing how busy it gets. Moreover, indirectly and directly helping the communities we work with gives each and every one of us a sense of satisfaction of giving back to the community as well as filling our role as International global citizens.

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