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To increase the quality of education at the Nongphainongwa Elementary School in the Roi Et province of Thailand by creating a sustainable organic rice partnership with the parent farmers of the school community. This small business will empower farmers and allow them to reinvest their profits into improving their agricultural practices and we use the profits to improve their school. By doing so, we also want to endorse the production and consumption of organic rice. We also want to help change their practices to benefit their environment, health and incomes.

Our Profile

We are a group of students ranging from middle school to high school and we are committed to helping the people of Roi Et generate a sustainable business and investing in helping the school develop to reach more of their children’s needs. We work hard at school to package, market and sell our rice to the NIST community as a sustainable social enterprise. We sell organic rice from Roi Et (White Jasmine) and organic rice from our rice partner from Chiang Rai (5 types)

In order to generate a business we buy their rice for about 3 times the original amount their were selling it for. This means they earn 70 baht per kilo and the other 80 baht that we make is put back into the school for projects that meet their needs, like a library to store their resources. We, as a group, believe in putting as much effort as possible in to ensure the business is sustained and continues to support the community in Roi Et because of how much it contributes to their daily lives and the quality of it.

Which UN Sustainable Development Goals Do We Support?

To provide a clear context for the aims of service groups at NIST, we align our projects to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The SDGs work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to make the right choices now to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations.” This NIST group supports the following goals:

Key Contacts & Experts

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Kanav P.

Kanav P.

Student Leader

Minseung K.

Minseung K.

Student Leader

Philip B.

Philip B.

Teacher Mentor

Sustainability & Transparency

All NIST service groups are held to our community’s high standards and values: integrity, caring, community and growth.

Funds Raised (THB)

For the library project for the Nongphainongwa Elementary School in the Roi Et province of Thailand

Long-Term Goals

Goal 1 = Kilograms of Rice Sold = By the end of the year, we want to be selling 500 kg of rice to NIST per month (Khun Supisra’s supply) and 100 kg to parents per month (Roi Et Supply)

Goal 2 = By the end of the year, we want to have sent back 100 to 200,000 baht back to the Roi Et community while ensuring this money will be ethically used to help empower the school and the rice farmers


Expenses Breakdown

95% of all funds and resources raised have been directly funneled to the beneficiary communities.

Interviews from Roi Et Trip

Students: with money raised from the year 11 one act plays the school can now have an actual water fountain instead of drinking from taps in the ground

Teacher: because of the nurse’s room kids have somewhere to go when they faint which can happen often because of the mixture of heat and they don’t get enough nutrients all the time because there are limited funds for food.

Farmers: we are now receiving shipments of 100 kgs of rice at a time which shows the organic growing process is working and they are able to provide lots of rice to sell
Before they were earning about 28,000 baht a year
Now they can earn about 140,000 baht with the money we give them

Solveig: member of the research team and participant in the 2017/18 trip to Roi Et

“So with us going on the roi et trip where we get the rice and where it is produced was really interesting what a positive effect our group will have on those children and the school especially with us planning to build the library – especially because of how happy they were with the resources we brought for them”

“I have learnt about different kinds of rice and the process of rice growing from planting to harvesting and how it is processed after and to appreciate when eating rice how hard people have to work to get the rice i am eating”

“I have gained a bigger appreciation for basic necessities and everything we have around us especially with us being able to focus on our studies and not having to worry about farming to gain money”

“I have also gained experience with selling a product and packaging goods and everything it take behind the scenes of everything that look from the outside like it is easy. Overall the group is very interested in helping the community and providing NIST with a product that means so much to us and to the community Roi Et”

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